Our company is part of the Senel (Holding) B.V. This family-owned company was established in 1967, and is currently run by the 3rd generation of the Senel family. Throughout its long history, the Senel family has always been dedicated to the transport, production and trading.
The company was specialized in dairy products (Senel & Co BV) till the end of 2014. Today, we have evolved our focus into a leading international specialist in eggs, fish, poultry and edible oils with Senel B.V.Some things, however, have not changed.
Throughout our history, crucial factors in our success have been our reliability, flexibility and high level of service – and they remain so today.
Along with our outstanding foodstuff products, these core values help us to establish relationships with our customers that are valuable and long-lasting.


We source specialty foodstuff from all over the world. These include unique branded and patented products. We also offer high-quality, cost-effective alternatives, and develop products in collaboration with suppliers.
But the value that we deliver to customers goes far beyond the products we provide. Along with outstanding product quality, you can also always count on strong technical support, and a personalized made-to-measure way of meeting your needs.
Our logistics service makes us a partner you can always count on to deliver on time. We keep you informed of developments in areas such as import regulations and help you to react to them effectively.
We provide all the support you need to grow or optimize your products. We know exactly what can be done in the lab – and exactly what you can claim in the market.

Commited To Become One Of The Best in The Global & Domestic Market For... To Be A Leading, Professionally Managed Company, Committed to ...
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Overview of our Products

Our company operates on a platform in which we manage different sectors around the Malaysian peninsula. The different sectors handles all the various products within our company.
They Primary sector ZENCO GLOBAL ENTERPRISE which is our priority mother company and its subsidiaries (VITEC WORLD ENTERPRISE ,SYSCO BRISTOW RESOURCES ,EZIE TRADE NETWORK,CENIT SOLUTION RESOURCES,ASZIDANE ENTERPRISE) which all cares for the various products since we supply from dairy products,agricultural products ,cooking oils and a vast variety of some other food grade powdered products for human consumption to facilitate the management of the products and for faster supplies.

Sectors of Zenco Global Enterprise

The primary sector comprises the getting of raw materials for the growing of our industry. Our primary sector include the agriculture, fish farming ,land reclamation,oil manufacturing and industrial making utilities like coal, oil and power stations, gas making plants and hydroelectric schemes.
Secondary sector :This sector refines processes and manufactures and includes industries like oil manufacturing ,repackaging of goods ,production and labeling (OEM)
Tertiary sector In this sector are the business which distribute and retail the manufactured goods; they include transport which deliver goods by air, sea or land, wholesalers, breaking bulk from warehouses to retail store, retailing chain stores and multiples, franchised shops, newsagents and supermarkets, etc.

Our company is said to be vertically integrated and the profits generated at each stage of the process are shared among the various sectors to ease their management. As our country's economy develops, so as improvements and importance of each sector increases.





We are experienced professional committed in high level services


We offer a proactive and cost-effective alternatives to your needs.


We have an ethos of honesty, integrity and enthusiasm


We have a reputation for being friendly, professional and dedicated.


We balance creativity with efficiency and pride ourselves on our attention to detail.


Our success is dependent on client satisfaction and good referral.